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Electrosensitivity – Wessex Research Group

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When: Thursday 11 October

Time: 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Cost: £6

Location: Morland Room


Speaker: Dr Andrew Tresidder

This talk aims to look at what ES is, and to understand symptoms, sources and solutions. increasing numbers of people are affected by the environmental pollution of Radiofrequency Signals and Electromagnetic fields, but don’t always make the connection.

If ants, birds and bees are affected, then why shouldn’t humans be? Some sensitive people are particularly affected.

Electromagnetic hygiene involves recognising the issue and doing something about it. Industry will help, when the mistaken presumption of no harm; becomes obvious, and when the ICNIRP derived safety limits, which ONLY apply 6 minute tissue heating limits, and ignore increasing evidence of biological effects.

Dr Andrew Tresidder, GP and Educator, aims to cover the main issues and answer questions

Event Organiser

Wessex Research Group

07516 816915


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