Red Brick Building

This project, funded by a generous grant from Historic England, has been an opportunity to hear from many people in our community about their experiences and memories of working at Morlands and Baily’s.

Morlands and Baily’s

The wet yard, Morlands 1920s Photo: Morlands Archive
The wet yard, Morlands 1920s
Photo: Morlands Archive

Morlands and Baily’s were two successful, but quite different, sheepskin businesses. They were vital to Glastonbury’s economy and community for more than a century. Both businesses processed raw sheepskins and produced leather, suede and sheepskin goods, known internationally for their quality and meticulous workmanship.

In their own words

Hear the stories of the people who worked at Morlands and Baily’s

Fran Truscott and Caroline Bethell
Fran Truscott and Caroline Bethell
Reg Burt and Steve Wall
Reg Burt and Steve Wall
Rosa Kell
Rosa Kell

The exhibition

Our first exhibition was held in the Red Brick Building in June 2023

Glastonbury Industrial Heritage walking trail

The Industrial Heritage trail is a self-guided walk around 9 sites of former businesses that were vital to Glastonbury. They include Morlands, Baily’s, the railway station, a brick yard and a silk mill.

You can get a printed map of the route from the Red Brick Building, or download the PDF

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Gillian Baldwin, Penny Berkeley, Caroline Bethell, Gerald Billing, Roger Bond, Edwina Boult, Maggie Burridge, Reg Burt, Adrian Chamberlain, Pauline Clarke, Stephen Clarke, Bev Coggan, John Coles, Colin Crees, John Davis, Charlie Down, Mike Evans, John Farrant, Sue Ford, Wendy Fouracres, Jackie Freeman, Terry Gulliford, Shirley Higgins, Sally Hill, Tim Hole, Alan Hooper, Rosa Kell, Judith Kenniston, Jane Laver, Jim and Greta Love, Gloria McClurg, Wendy Martin, Terry Maine, Geoff Maine, Ann Morgan, Ruth Morland, Lisa Parsons, Martin Sessions Hodge, Dave Stevens, Howard Stone, Julia Tincknell, Fran Truscott, Caroline Tucker, Ian Tucker, Tim Vowles, Steve Wall, Bill Watts, Paul Whithead, Tracy Willcox, Laura Wolfers.

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