Be part of the future!

Your support makes a vital difference! We’re currently raising funds to put a new roof on Building C to make it watertight and some steelworks too. We need to raise £400,000 and have so far secured £220,000 from private investors, shareholders, donations and from grants and Trusts. We need your help to meet the shortfall so please take a look at becoming a shareholder or providing us with a donation – however small, Every penny really does count!

Share application form 2016


Our members are the foundation that give the Red Brick Building the strength to flourish.

We need users and supporters to buy a share and be part of our continued development, providing new and exciting opportunities for all to get involved with.

Buying a Share

Shares are sold on a one member one vote system so everyone’s vote is as valuable as anyone else’s. £100 is the minimum share, and £100,000 is the maximum share to become a member.

You can pay your £100 share over a year in 4 instalments of £25. Or you can buy a half share with a friend or relative with whom you share the vote.

How will the money be used?

  • for the development of the building: currently putting a roof on Building C
  • for the day-to-day running of the building
  • to keep the building and its activities, for all ages and all parts of the community, running

What you get in return

By investing in the development of the Red Brick Building, you will be supporting something with clear community benefit. The key benefits are:

  • becoming a member of a community-owned venture
  • the feel-good factor of supporting the Red Brick Building!
  • to vote for Board Members
  • to vote at the AGM on important issues for the Building and Society
  • Contributing to a long term community asset serving the people of Glastonbury, Street and surrounding villages
  • The provision of accessible and affordable working spaces for artists, small businesses and social enterprises, thus supporting sustainable economic activity in the area
  • The provision of space for a wide variety of community services, including training, education, arts and entertainment
  • Making a significant contribution to the well-being and vitality of the local economy

If you are interested in becoming a tenant in Building C then please complete and return our Building C Expression of Interest Form and return it to us.