The Red Brick Building Centre (RBBC) is an exciting project on the edge of Glastonbury, which has created managed and affordable work space for micro & social enterprises, venues for education, arts, events and community support for Glastonbury, Street and surrounding villages.

We want the Red Brick Building to become a pioneering centre for arts, design, manufacture and culture here in Somerset, providing rewarding, productive and skilled work for generations to come, thus reversing the process of ‘rural exodus’ which has seen our young people leave the area in search of employment.

The layout and size of this once derelict but remarkable building means that the RBBC has the scope to build a dynamic enterprise and community hub that is responsive to local needs and opportunities focusing on social and enterprise support, arts and community activity, education and training.

Young people are a key part of the vision, and have been involved and consulted at each stage. Various opportunities have been developed to ensure that our young people are active users of the building.

We’re not short of ideas and new ideas are constantly being discussed for the next phase of the building restoration!

The aims

  • To network with the wider community and organisations, to develop opportunities that would not normally be easily accessible in our rural community.
  • To support and improve the physical, social and economic infrastructure within Glastonbury, Street and their rural hinterland.
  • To advance education and training, particularly concerning asset based community development and enterprises with a community or environmental focus.
  • To provide quality spaces for new and existing commercial enterprises with a focus on creating new employment opportunities as employers or by being self-employed.
  • To provide opportunities for people and organisations to contribute financially and through their time and energy to the well-being of the community.
  • To create, provide and promote access to both creative and performance arts.
  • To provide the people and infrastructures that will place young people at the centre of community life.
  • To provide a long-term sustainable programme for the development of the whole social project.


You can read about the history of the site here RBB History.