Building C

Well, over the last 10 years, we’ve restored and developed Buildings A and B into a thriving community centre for the arts, events, training and education……

We’re now looking to restore and develop the adjacent derelict building, Building C. This includes looking at options for:

  • developing it for community arts and education integrated with community heritage manufacturing;
  • co-housing – a live where you work scheme;
  • Enterprise and Apprenticeship Hub, particularly for young people, providing much needed opportunities for employment within the community;
  • Training space for young people with an education organisation.

A lot of relationship building and networking has taken place over the past few months. Discussions are taking place with potential anchor tenants from varying industry sectors and we are exploring all the options and possibilities that may be viable for the project.

Some interesting research work around the building’s heritage has sparked interest from some fantastic organisations and individuals, from fashion designers to UK craft councils, all of whom have pledged their support for the building’s next steps.

We have been able to negotiate the ‘re-opening’ of two of the enclosed Building C units, at the side of the building alongside the car park. One of these units is occupied by John Mawby. The other by Ted Lamb of Midgard Craft.

Anyone interested in becoming an anchor (main) tenant in this building or donating to the fundraising campaign can email for more information. It’s an exciting time with a huge amount of fundraising required for the next stage!

All options will be fully assessed with proposals presented to the Board to agree the way forward. Following agreement of the preferred scheme a Business Plan will need to be developed and Red Brick Building Shareholders will be consulted.

Check here for future updates!