About Us

The Red Brick Building Centre Ltd is an innovative community-owned social enterprise based in the former Morlands Factory, situated between Glastonbury and Street in Somerset.

Since 2010, we have raised close to £1 million locally and through grants, and have currently transformed two of the Morland’s Factory’s three derelict buildings into a vibrant community space for all ages. We offer a diverse weekly arts and events programme, as well as being home to a restaurant that champions sustainability and local produce, a local FM radio station, a popular youth club, weekly exercise and wellbeing classes, and regular support groups.

We have versatile public rooms, which are available to hire by the hour and suitable for a broad range of activities including: conferences, meetings, workshops, classes, public events, private parties and weddings. Further details about our venue hire is available here.

In addition, we offer affordable office spaces, hot desk facilities, and artisan units. We are proud to be home to a diverse and eclectic group of small local businesses and enterprises. For more information about our workspaces, see here.

We keep our prices as affordable as possible to allow all members of the community to benefit from our services. All the money we receive from room bookings and workspace rentals goes directly towards the running costs of the project. Any profit is used to provide additional benefit to the local community.

Thanks to the Glastonbury Town Deal, we are currently renovating our third building (Building C) to increase and develop our community space.

Also under the Red Brick Building umbrella is the development of Bridie’s Farm, home to the Glastonbury Food and Regenerative Farming Centre, which is also supported by the Glastonbury Town Deal.


We are a Community Benefit Society and have over 300 community shareholders from the local and wider community. No one benefits individually.

Red Brick Investors Club

A small number of local organisations and individuals have invested large sums of money into the building. Without this essential support, the original regenerative works for the buildings would not have been possible. Thank you to the Glastonbury Trust for turning their initial investment into a donation, and to Tom Clark for his dedication since the beginning and his significant financial support.

Red Brick Building Tenancy Services Ltd

Red Brick Building Tenancy services Ltd is a subsidiary wholly owned by the Red Brick Building Centre Ltd. It is appointed to manage the operations of the building, including the room bookings, workspace rentals, and our arts and events programme. Any profit made is transferred to the Red Brick Building Centre Ltd.

Beckery Construction Company Ltd

Beckery Construction Company Ltd is a subsidiary wholly owned by the Red Brick Building Centre Ltd. It was created to complete the capital build of Building C’s regeneration; the latest phase of the Red Brick Building. The creation of Beckery Construction Company Ltd has allowed us to recruit local construction workers, as well as partner with Train4All to offer construction skills training and apprenticeships.