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Introducing our new Heritage website!

Our new Red Brick Building Heritage website is live!

The final crowning moment of our Heritage project has arrived! We are delighted to announce that the website to accompany our ‘Morlands and Baily’s: Here Forever’ project is now live. You can visit the website at www.redbrickbuilding.co.uk/heritage to browse through lots of the material we gathered throughout the project.

Several visitors to the exhibitions in June and September commented that there was so much to read, it was difficult to take it all in! So, we hope this new Heritage website will provide you with the chance to read all the fascinating stories at your leisure. You can pop back whenever it suits you and enjoy discovering or re-living what it was like to work at these two Glastonbury businesses.

You can also hear some of the interviews we conducted (they are not professionally edited, so please forgive the quality in some places!) – these give a great sense of the wonderful people who were involved with the project. The majority of the text at the exhibition was taken from these interviews.

If you didn’t manage to get to the exhibitions at the Red Brick Building, or if you have friends or family who live beyond Somerset, please share the website with them if you think they would enjoy it. We’d also be very happy for some younger people to browse the pictures and stories and tell us what they were most surprised by.

We would still like to hear from anyone who has memories of working at Morlands or Baily’s. Depending on securing funding, we are planning to develop the Morlands and Baily’s project in new ways in 2024, so if you would like to be involved do please get in contact – you can email us at [email protected] or pop in to the Red Brick Building for a chat.

The ‘Morlands and Baily’s: Here Forever’ project was funded by a generous grant from Historic England and we are very grateful for their support and encouragement throughout. But there would have been no project without the people who came forward to share their memories, stories and objects, so huge thanks to all of them.

We have learnt a lot about these important businesses and the contribution they made to our local community and economy. We think there is still more to do, and we look forward to more heritage events at the Red Brick Building in the future. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

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