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An exciting future for Building C, thanks to the Glastonbury Town Deal!

We are happy to announce that the Red Brick Building has won its bid as part of the Towns Fund Deal!

We have secured c.£3.6 million in the Towns Fund Deal to refurbish and save from collapse the derelict wing of the Red Brick Building, known as Building C. This old factory, which was part of Glastonbury’s industrial past, will be restored and returned to community use.

After years of searching for funding to save the building, the Red Brick is thrilled to finally be looking forward to a bright future for the site.

This injection of money will allow us to repair the building, making way for lots more exciting community goodies such as a Community Canteen, a Recording Studio, updated facilities for Glastonbury FM, and a makers’ space known as The Life Factory.

After over 10 years as a Community Benefit Society, the Red Brick Building is preparing to expand and further deliver on our commitment to Community, Arts, Education, and Enterprise.

At the Red Brick Building, we strive to be forward-thinking and are committed to caring for our future, whether that be supporting young people, creating new cultures around repair and restoration, or caring for our local environment.

As part of our commitment to the future, we are taking care to consider our impact in the construction phase. The project intends to improve energy conservation and power the building with 100% renewable sources, supporting the town’s journey to net zero.

As the Towns Fund deal is taxpayers’ money, we take seriously our responsibility to spend it well to ensure Glastonbury thrives. Not only will it create more space owned by the community, it will also benefit the town during the construction phase.

We have set up the Beckery Construction Company, a subsidiary of the Red Brick Building Centre Ltd., so we can recruit locally and ensure that this money is kept in our community. We are also delighted to announce that we are partnering with Train4All to offer construction skills training and apprenticeships.

We look forward to this exciting next phase in the Red Brick story.

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