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Radio Training

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When: Wednesday 23 August

Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cost: £18.00

Location: Studio


A summer holiday activity suitable for ages 7+.


An exciting day where your child gets to take on a role as part of the sound production team.

Whether they want to be a presenter, producer, sound recordist or gain experience in audio interview production there will be something interesting to get involved in.

The day will start with games in groups to give fun facts about the potential roles that could be played within the teams. We will teach how to use the equipment, presenting and production skills.

In groups we will choose the topics they are passionate about and use those as interviewing subjects. In the afternoon we will record all of the final parts to the interviews.

The day will end with a lesson on how to transform the days recordings into podcasts. It will be a jam packed fun day, filled with experience and exploration.

All children will leave with recordings from their groups interviews and the skills and suggested tools to turn them into their own personal podcasts.

All audio and interview recordings will be given to each individual at the end of the day, please provide a USB to upload this to.

Please bring a packed lunch.

Event Organiser

Maed Audio

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