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Cabbage to Clover by Coo Geller

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When: Wednesday 17 October

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Morland Room


I am an artist and printmaker living and working in Bristol.

My work is about nature. I am drawn to something, perhaps a plant or a vegetable, and I may notice a tiny aspect of it that I find fascinating. I record this and communicate its special, unnoticed qualities.

Bristol Clover Prints

I live near Stoke Park and from my walks I have become interested in the clover growing around and about. I have been taking their photographs and working with them directly to make images of the green three-, or sometimes four or five- leaf clovers of many shapes, sizes, patterns and shades of green, and their corresponding flowers of pink or white.

I have found four leaf clovers amongst them, but I think we are lucky to have them all.

My clover series is printed as giclee prints – this is a fine art digital printing process combining pigment-based inks with high quality archival paper.

Cabbage to snail, snail to bird

A recurring theme in my work is that of metamorphosis – cabbages to snails, snails to birds. These images represent my fascination with the idea of the life cycle in which organic matter, in passing from past to present, carries with it, yet totally transforms, its own physical nature. It is about an ever-changing, interlocking continuum – the natural world to which I, too, belong.

Orange Peel

I am forever amazed by the beauty of the foods we eat and that surround us in our everyday lives. Working with orange peel, I scraped and pressed their skins, and this formed the basis of my orange peel series of prints and laser cut pieces.

I want to bring the sense of wonderment to my work that I feel for everyday

things – a parsnip, a patch of moss, the peel of an orange … I give value to each little thing and show its importance in the world.

For further information about my work please contact me.


Event Organiser

Coo Geller

07952 810723


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