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Hosted by The Red Brick Building & The Bocabar

When: Friday 15 December

Time: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Cost: £5.00

Location: The Event Space


On Friday 15th December the Bocabash returns to the Bocabar in Glastonbury. Becoming increasingly popular, The Bocabash is an occasional gig put on by Street-based singer/songwriter Nick Parker in which he invites friends from around the world to come and play in the middle of Somerset. Here is a little about this year’s acts.

Nick Parker and the False Alarms

Sometimes folky, sometimes rocky, sometimes country-y, Street-based Nick Parker and his actually quite ruly cohorts The False Alarms never take themselves too seriously. With their tongues seldom far from their cheeks they romp around the stage with guitars, fiddle, mandolin, bass, drums and loads of vocals providing a beautifully shabby backdrop for Nick’s astutely written songs. With strong melodies and hooks throughout, the songs are laden with clever lyrics which are as easy-to-relate-to as they are quirky. Over the last couple of years Nick – with or without the band – has played at festivals such as Chagstock, Farmer Phil’s, 2000Trees, Glastonbury and Lakefest as well as many smaller festivals and spends nearly all his time touring around Europe where he is on the German record label Tonetoaster.

“Lovely westcountry melody-and-energy-laced rockin’ folkish stuff with a sense of humour and a hotline to your heart.” – Bath Fringe

The Mosquitoes

Originally rubber farmers, The Mosquitoes hit upon hard times during the great rubber famine of 1971 and were forced to turn to petty crime. They first met while serving time in Bogota penitentiary. During their stint behind bars, they were encouraged to attend music therapy workshops as an outlet for their aggression. All learnt to play an instrument apart from frontman Raul who was ejected from the rehabilitation exercise, in part due to a remarkable lack of timing and co-ordination, and also because he is tone deaf. Not only did they excel at music, they were talented sportsmen and were all picked for the prison football team. While playing for the side in an international tournament at the Bernabau in Madrid the team escaped through the changing room toilet window at half-time. Chico, Pedro, Raul, Jose and Torremolinos ran like the wind and kept on running until they took up political asylum in the far south west of Cornwall. Today, still wanted by the government from their home country they survive as musicians of fortune.

Lonely Tourist (full band)

Bristol based Scot, Lonely Tourist plays ‘pub-step’ at the speed of a greyhound out the traps. Since 2011 he has released 3 albums (the fourth is due early 2018). His music has been played on the radio a fair bit too. Steve Lamacq had him in for a session on 6music in 2016. Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson, Cerys Matthews and Intro West have all played it as well as Janice Forsyth on BBC Scotland who made 2017 single Luxury Coach single of the week on her show.  The Bocabar set will be Lonely Tourist’s first full band gig since 2014


B-SYDES (AKA Ben Sydes) became a solo singer-songwriter after becoming disillusioned with the unpredictability of playing in band after band.  He decided to strike out on his own in 2009 and is yet to look back. His first EP ‘Handshakes Turn to Headlocks’ (2010) proved to be a sampler of what he was capable of. It was said to have ‘Perfectly showcased his ultra stripped down folk ditties’ by the organisers of 2000 Trees Festival. This was followed up shortly after with his 2nd EP ‘Wrecked Vessels’ (2011), a release that showed all the progression you would expect from an artist growing both in confidence and stature. ‘Punktastic’ – “Nobody can deny the passion that Benjamin has thrown into these songs”. ‘Big Cheese Magazine’ – “Sydes folk-rooted songs deliver raw emotions with passion and conviction”.
B-SYDES has been lucky enough to have shared stages with the likes of Frank Turner, Sam Duckworth, Chris T-T, Dave McPherson, Walter Schreifels, Ben Marwood, Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, Oxygen Thief, Rob Lynch, Gaz Brookfield and The Retrospective Soundtrack Players to name a few.

As well as all the live music, Bonbambino will be DJing into the small hours.

Tickets are £5 in advance from rbb.events/bocabash

Event Organiser

The Red Brick Building & Bocabar

01458 899564


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