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Air Piano

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When: Wednesday 28 March

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Cost: £10

Location: Morland Room


We’re delighted to be returning to the Red Brick building on Wednesday 28th March after our successful robot building day last year.

Use a Raspberry Pi and basic electronics to create a piano you can play without touching it.

Like the old Theremin, the instrument you create in this session is played without contact. You’ll use the versatile and cheap Raspberry Pi computer, some simple electronics and the Scratch coding language to build a piano you control by moving your hand in front of the sensor. What’s the best tune you can play your air piano?

Age 8, No Upper Limit

Book your place by clicking here.

This time we’ve got a day of different activities planned starting with designing and 3D printing an object with built in electronics. This is followed by a chance to put your computer coding skills to use to craft objects in the virtual world of Minecraft. In the afternoon we’re going to be using a Raspberry Pi computer and simple electronics to make our personalised cardboard cows warn anyone who approaches. To round the day off, we’re making a piano that we play without touching it.

If you’d like to book multiple workshops at a discounted rate please follow this link https://goo.gl/Y1MmBM and complete the form.

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