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Stressed out Teens? Send them along to Teen Yoga at the RBB!

Are you struggling with your teens?  Are they anxious, worrying about school work, having mood swings, lacking exercise?  With the explosion in the popularity of yoga Emmaline Maxwell of Blissed Out Yoga thought it was time that Teens got a bit of the action and the benefits.

Emmaline wanted to teach teens yoga simply because she knows it would have saved her from a multitude of problems if she had had a class to go to growing up.  She used to practice yoga-type exercises daily, but none of it was guided and none had any breath focus.

For Emmaline, teaching teen yoga is not only about being fit and flexible, central to the benefits are learning about breath awareness, mindfulness and meditation.  As teenagers we are at the whim of our emotions and hormones, which can play havoc with our minds creating a nightmare loop if the mind remains untrained and rebellious.  But it is not about force.  It is about finding our blissful place, our relaxed place and through focus on the breath, being able to disengage from the chattering mind.

The teens who have been coming to teen yoga at the Red Brick Building have reported that they sleep better on the day that they do yoga, one girl commented that her emotions felt steadier and less explosive through the week.

One mum said, ”My daughter loves her weekly teen yoga sessions with Emmaline. She looks forward to them so much and is now even practicing at home every few days. She is always calm, relaxed and happy after the sessions and is now starting to use her breathe and postures to help calm during times of rushing around and the busyness of general life.  We travel a long way to get to Emmaline and the suggestion of trying to find a teen yoga class nearer to home was met with horror…it has to be Emmaline!   She says that she loves to come every week, it’s relaxing and fun and Emmaline explains it in an easy way and helps you, she said she loves the relax at the end and feels renewed and ready for the rest of the week.  Thank you Emmaline we are so glad to have found you.’’

Weekly Teen Yoga classes are held at the Red Brick Building every Thursday during term time from 4.15pm-5.15pm. These affordable classes cost just £4 an hour if booked in 6 week blocks (£24 for the 6 weeks) or £6 a session on a drop in basis. These classes have been supported by a grant from Somerset Community Foundation and are part of a range of wellbeing courses and opportunities at the Red Brick.

For more information or to book please contact Emmaline: [email protected]



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