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Go Wild at the Red Brick!

Go wild at the Red Brick Building where over 100 breath-taking photos of British wildlife are on show from Tuesday 4th April to Monday 1st May.

We’ve teamed up with the British Wildlife Photography Awards and Somerset Wildlife Trust to bring you the best of the entries from the 2016 competition.

From dancing jellyfish to diving ducks, botanical beauties to preening puffins, the show features spectacular images showing biodiversity at its best.

A donation of £3 is suggested for entry to the exhibition. 25% of all donations will go to support Somerset Wildlife Trust’s work in the county and 75% will nourish the RBB enabling it to bring more events and exhibitions to the local community.

PLEASE NOTE: on some days there may be restricted access to some of the exhibition rooms due to other events taking place in the building. These are currently:

Tuesday 4th April 10am-3.30pm no access to the Event Space of Morland Room

Thursday 6th April 9am-5pm no access to the Event Space

Friday 7th April 2pm-5pm no access to the Event Space

Thursday 20th April 9am-5pm no access to the Morland Room

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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