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Plant Medicine Series – From Neurons To Nirvana: The Great Medicines

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When: Thursday 09 May

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Cost: £7.50

Location: The Event Space


Plant Medicine Cinema Series

Can entheogens heal where pharmaceuticals have failed?


Thursday 9th May

From Neurons To Nirvana: The Great Medicines


Running time: 108 min

Synopsis: Featuring interviews with the world’s foremost scientist in psychedelics, the film through judicious editing and sublime visuals succeeds with a colourful advocacy for a new medical paradigm informed by “cognitive liberty”

Tickets: £7.50

Doors: open at 7.30pm, screening starts at 8.00pm


An augmented cinema experience

A series of six film screenings exploring the use of plant medicines and entheogens in medicine as alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments.

As the cost of healthcare and pharmaceutical medicine increases, many are looking to alternatives for healing. In the face of a mental health crisis, how can entheogens assist with healing the scars that can’t be seen?

Our aim is to educate, to show the benefits and dangers inherent in using entheogens for medical treatment.