Biggerhouse Film

Biggerhouse Film is a film production company run by Stephen Clarke and Tom Stubbs. Producer Stephen is based at the Red Brick Building.

Biggerhouse Film make award winning dramas, documentaries and animation films. They specialise in creating person-centred films to educate and inspire.

In all their films, Stephen and Tom put the participants at the centre of the devising and production process. They make films ‘with’ people, not ‘about’ them. They believe this way of working empowers the participants and makes for a stronger film, thus having greater impact on the intended audience.

If you have a story to tell or a film that needs to be made, Stephen and Tom would love to hear from you.

After working from home for many years, it’s great to get out and feel a part of something bigger and connect with other creative practitioners. I’m glad I made the shift to the Red Brick Building.

- Stephen Clarke