Aerial Pilates

With Sarah Henderson from Perfect Curve Fitness and Dance

Please note that, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Aerial Pilates classes are currently postponed until further notice.

Form, flexibility & flight!

There are so many benefits to aerial training (and it’s great fun!) You are able to achieve assisted positions and movements that you otherwise couldn’t perform.

As expected with exercise, your strength, flexibility and joint mobility are improved. This training also decompresses and re-aligns the spine, rehydrates the vertebral discs, refreshes the lymphatic, digestive and circulatory systems, and has many other benefits.

(Classes run term-time only)
Thursdays: 6.00pm – 6.55pm

Single session: £12
6 week block: £60 (Early Bird: £50)

Shift worker block available. Please check Perfect Curve Fitness & Dance Facebook page for full details.

Classes (including single sessions) must be booked in advance. Please call or email Sarah to book.

For more info and to book
Phone: 07739 465567

Please contact Sarah to discuss any health conditions or injuries, and also to receive information on particular contraindications that restrict this practice. Sarah will also advise on the best clothing to wear for comfort and what to avoid wearing.